Omkar’s adherence to proven Quality Parameters.

Packaged Drinking Water production is subject to specific standards that determine the maximum allowable minerals and microbiological levels, and defines the required quality tests. There many variants of these standards depending upon geographical diversities. In spite of such region-specific standards, BIS Safety Standards have come to be recognized nationally. Omkar, being a responsible brand, strictly goes by Bureau of Indian Standard’s norms for packaged drinking water.

BIS mandates several specifications beginning right from construction of manufacturing facilities, hygiene practices, mandatory in-house lab testing facilities manned with full-time lab technicians etc. We undertake __ chemical and __ microbiological parameters testings in-house and __ chemical and __ microbiological parameter testings at BIS approved labs. We wish to share a few in-house test parameters results:

Parameter Max. Allowable Level-Limit Omkar Result’s
Total Dissolved Solids (‘TDS’) 0.500 ppm <30 – 50 ppm.
PH 6.5 – 8.5 <7.0 – 7.5
Hardness 100 ppm <5 ppm
Residual Free Chlorine 0.20mg/L Nil
Chloride 200mg/L <8mg/L
Nitrite 0.02mg/L Nil
Nitrate 45mg/L <1.0mg/L
Sulphate 200mg/L <5mg/L
Alkalinity 200mg/L <25mg/L
Escherichia Coli Absent Absent
Coliforms Absent Absent
Sulphite reducing Anaerobes Absent Absent
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Absent Absent
Yeast and Moulds Absent Absent
Aerobic Microbial Count 5 Colonies per ml 2-3 Colonies per ml

*Mg/L= Milligrams; ml=milliliters; cfu=colony forming unit

Omkar’s values for packaged drinking water

Omkar’s impressive growth is driven by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and full compliance with all applicable laws and regulation. It steadfastly employs a certain proven principles to achieve values that make it truly a respected brand that it has been over a decade or so:

Human rights and labour practices

Omkar fully supports the guiding principles on human rights and labour and aim to provide an example of good human rights and labour practices throughout its business activities.

Leadership and personal responsibility

Our success is based on our people. We treat each other with respect and dignity and expect everyone to promote a sense of personal responsibility. We recruit competent and motivated people who respect our values, provide equal opportunities for their development & advancement, protect their privacy and do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.

Consumer Engagement

Omkar is committed to engage in a responsible and reliable consumer communication that empowers consumers to exercise their right to informed choice and promotes healthier packaged drinking water.

Nutrition, health and wellness

Omkar’s primary aim is to enhance the quality of consumers’ lives every day, everywhere by offering pristine packaged drinking water that encourages a healthy lifestyle. This concern is reflected in our committed to serve 100% pro-health packaged drinking water.

Quality assurance and product safety

Across the market, Omkar represents a promise to the consumer their choice of Omkar Mineral water is always safe and of high standard.

Safety and health at work

We are committed to preventing accidents, injuries and illness related to work, and to protect employees, contractors and others involved along the value chain.

Supplier and customer relations

We require our suppliers, agents, subcontractors and their employees to demonstrate honesty, integrity and fairness, and to adhere to our non- negotiable standards. In the same way, we are committed to our own customers.

Environmental sustainability

We commit ourselves to environmentally sustainable business practices. At all stages of the product life cycle we strive to use natural resources efficiently, favor the use of sustainably-managed renewable resources, and target zero waste.