Drinking 8-10 glasses of pure water a day helps transport vital nutrients, regulates body temperature, eases digestion, keeps joints supple, flushes toxins and helps the skin glow.

Pristine water helps the liver do its job more efficiently, namely metabolizing fat. Increasing the intake of mineral water during sicknesses like diarrhea is highly recommended as a large amount of water is lost by the body.

Breastfeeding makes the mother’s body lose more water than is lost in the normal course; as such it is extremely necessary that the mother stays hydrated with pristine water. This is essential for the health of the infant.

Headaches could be a result of dehydration. Drinking sufficient amounts of pristine water may help prevent headaches.While drinking water outside the home, always insist on packaged or purified water. Tap water usually contains a host of germs and bacteria which can cause a variety of complications.

The body loses water during sleep. Drink a glass of pure water as soon as you wake up, this helps to keep the body hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, the body requires a good amount of mineral-rich pristine water even in winters. During winters the body requires extra energy to maintain the temperature; water helps achieve this.

Make sure your child gets plenty of pure water. Water helps the child to balance the intake of other beverages.

  • February 12, 2020by Omkar