We, at Sankeshwar Minerals Pvt. Ltd., recognize the value of pristine water to a healthy living. It is this knowledge which motivates us to offer utmost quality in packaged drinking water. We are excited by possibilities, and are driven by our customers’ expectation – it is what keeps us innovating so that you relish the experience of ultimate pristine water every time you quench your thirst.

Why Choose Us?

When you drink Omkar, you invariably get a never-before-experience of pristine water.



Omkar is powered with the essential Minerals required for the human body such as Magnesium Sulphate, potassium Bicarbonate.


Quality Control

Omkar goes under a standardized 8 level Filtration process. Expert Supervision on every line of production and every product. We are certified by ISI, ISO & FSSAI.


Pure Edge

Omkar is a product of highest quality process that provides consumers a product with high health benefits & Ensure a taste accordance to their preference.


Complete Service Solution

Doorstep delivery is provided to each nook & corner of the city. Telephonic Helpline services are avail for better consumer experience.